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Reminiscing back to some of the first weddings of my career

Holly & John

I remember clearly my first floral wedding I ever did on my own. It was 10 years ago for a friend of mine. Incidentally I just did her little sister’s wedding a few weeks ago. The week of her sister’s wedding was the week I was convinced I needed to take the plunge and start this business.

I had helped a friend with a few weddings the summer before Holly’s wedding and was told I had the knack for flowers and should consider pursuing it as a career. When Holly asked me to do her flowers I loved that she didn’t want just roses like everyone was doing at that time. The wedding was in December and she wanted winter forest textures added. I foraged salal and alder cones from my parents’ woods and added hypericum berries, green button mums, and rosemary for a touch of color and texture. Even after all these years I still love that bridal bouquet.

Evanee & Andy

Six years ago Evanee asked me to be her bridesmaid…and also her florist! I had gone to floral school at this point and had worked for a wedding floral shop for a few months part-time and had now just started a part-time job at Bloomin Crazy in Astoria. This wedding was in a church in Tigard with a reception in a nearby park. It was my biggest solo floral job to date on top of bridesmaid duties but I was up for the challenge. I had done another friend’s wedding 2 years before where I was also the maid of honor and realized I thrived under the pressure. The bigger the challenge the more I enjoy the wedding. I love being the one behind the scenes make things beautiful and getting all the details to come together.

Evanee is a bright, cheerful personality and she wanted very bright and cheerful flowers with a whimsical garden party feel for the reception. Daisies were her favorite flower at the time and we used them everywhere! It turned out fantastically.

Kathie & Jesse

This wedding was my first destination wedding and it was in my favorite escape-Bend, OR. I ordered flowers in Portland and drove those flowers in my brother’s little old BMW with the sunroof and windows cracked the whole way to try and keep the flowers from wilting because the AC quit working.

Family had rented a big house with a gorgeous back yard right on the river where they had their intimate ceremony. I was invited to stay with the family in the house and had the whole garage to put together and stage the flowers for the following day. We used fun, summery colors and flowers that fit perfectly in the high dessert setting.

(Me clearly in the zone 😂)

Yvonne & Dallas

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a city or coastal girl….I’m not a country girl. My friend Yvonne and Dallas are. They met while country line dancing. They now live on acreage out in the country. Their wedding was set in field up on a hill in Gaston, OR in the fall overlooking the valley colors. It was gorgeous! I loved the challenge of bringing a collage of fall colors and mums and adding a bit of whimsy.

I’ve come a long way from these weddings but it’s fun, while I’m starting out on this new adventure, to look back and see those experiences that shaped me, lit the fire of passion for flowers and prepared me for this moment. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead and the love stories I get to be a part of!


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