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Rashad & Justine

If you don’t know these two….you need to. One, they give the best hugs in the world. Two, I’ve never met two people with more love and compassion for other people.

I met both Rashad and Justine soon after I moved to Astoria. We had a solid friend circle made up of single adults that loved adventuring through life together. Four years we hung out and even traveled around the world together. Finally, while in Australia, these two mutually realized their feelings for each other.

Rashad and Justine’s wedding was the last wedding I did while still employed at Bloomin Crazy Floral in Astoria before moving back to Portland. Astoria is such a picturesque town sitting right at the 4 mile wide mouth of the Columbia River. The ceremony was in an old church on the hill that was designed by a ship builder. The beam work inside is just beautiful. Their reception was out on the river, under the dramatic Astoria Megler Bridge in an old cannery building recently restored for event space and the Bridgewater Bistro. The day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Also, these photos give me all the moody fall costal feels. Crimson Rain Photography did an amazing job!!


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