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Shane & Jessi

I’ve been waiting awhile to be able to share this wedding with you and thrilled the day is finally here! This wedding will always be one of my favorites. Not only because the bride is also an artist and had total confidence in my design abilities, and not only because it was in Astoria, the city that is so very special to me for many reasons, but mostly because this wedding was the one that inspired me to start my own business.

Jessi and I both come from Scandinavian immigrant families steeped in history in Astoria. For example, the ceremony was in an old canary building my grandma worked in after moving from Finland to Astoria. I love the rough wood beams worn down from years of hard work with spectacular views of spectacular Columbia River.

The most challenging and rewarding design element.

And how cool is it to exit under a Saber Arch?!?!

Military life does not make dating life easy, especially when you are living in different cities let alone different states. These two fought the odds and and embraced the journey, letting the hardships of dating life strengthen rather than break their relationship, preparing them for married life. Their excitement to finally be able to start married life together can only be seen in look on their faces! Weariness was shoved out of the way by smiles that could not be hidden.

The reception held at the old Masonic temple wrapped-up the beautiful day with some of the most delicious wedding food I’ve ever had in honor of the grooms heritage, Norwegian wedding cake (kransekake) that Jessi’s grandmother made, menus designed by the bide’s mother and of course the couple’s favorite activity (and also what they were doing when they met) DANCING!

Jessi, well done designing such a gorgeous day mixing both yours and Shane’s heritage. From a floral aspect I enjoyed the challenge of using traditional seasonal colors in an un-traditional way by mixing your NW romantic style with a bit of tropical.

These photos that expertly capture all the feels goes to


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